Mandy's Story

Mandy's Story - D'Elen McClain Sorry, about this I know I am repeating myself but I've read two of these type books back to back so I feel the need make sure readers know these type of book do exist. I’m so tired of people saying heroines in romance are weak and they have to have the hero’s always saving the day. Well, let me tell you something, this book is here to prove you wrong, heroine's can be the strong lead too in romance books.

Mandy’s story is hilarious, but let me tell you up front she isn’t a weak heroine, nope no way no how, she’s not taking any crap off of any man or bear. She will stop at nothing to show them women can do more than men, even if she has to resort to using devices like tranquilizing guns, ropes & chains. Bears are set in there ways and can be hard to deal with but she proves that she can hold her own and she even gets to save a life in the process.

Mandy and Honey goes several round of fun bickering with each other before he finally caves in and clams her as his mate. But never worry, Mandy still has to show him whose boss a time or two, you know just to keep him in check. LOL.

My only reasons for not rating this a 5 was in once place Honey calls Mandy a" bitch" and for some reason the way it’s written, I just didn’t care for it and my other reason is the name Honey for a man bear… I need to say no more.

If you love humor, action and romance than this fun book cannot be missed because D'Elen pulls out all of the stops and sucks you right in.