Mistress of the Stone

Mistress of the Stone - Maria Zannini Mistress of the Stone is a paranormal romance reader’s haven. The author delivers the right about of romance and world building, and the way she describes the story you’ll feel like you're right there. You get not only a love story, but you also get a curse, shifters, ghost, gargoyles, witch and to top it all off, one sexy pirate and one hot pirate hunter. This book had me hooked from start to finish.

I don’t want to give out too much detail because this book is too good to spoil. I loved all the characters even the villain. I even felt sorry for him at times, but then at other times I really disliked him for what he was doing. I really enjoyed both Luisa and Xander, but there were times that I really wished Xander would have stepped up to the plate more and showed how much he really cared about Luisa, but do you ever get everything you want in a story. You can tell Luisa and Xander were destined to be together right from the start and that makes you really see the sparks fly each time they are together.

I recommend this to any paranormal romance reader that loves a good, hot romance and lots of action.