Covet - J.R. Ward This one is hard to rate.. I want to say 3 1/2 stars for all the confusion in the first part of the book it took me a little over 100 pages to put everything together between all the characters.. I'm one I dont like to rack my brain to read a book most people are not like me though. Then I want to say 4 stars just because it did get better..

I really liked Vin and Marie-Terese together. I will be waiting to see how Jim gets to take down Devina..

If your are a big BDB reader dont expect the hot sex
seens this book is totaly different good but not BDB sex.

This is how I would recommend this book. Make sure you make a little more time for the first half of this book you can't go into this in a hurry because It keeps jumping for one character to the other, but remember it will all come together..