House of Immortal Pleasures

House of Immortal Pleasures - Katie Salidas I love a quick and heated romance story, especially when it involves a hot vampire. With this story being so short I don’t want to give out much. Conner is a slave in House of Immortal Pleasures. He did something bad in his past and now his sentence is up, but will he be able to please his master this night so he can go free.

Daphne has two friends that thinks she needs a new start. They take her to The House of Immortal Pleasures to give her just that. Daphne really can careless about a man epically after what her EX did to her. She now relies on her trust old B.O.B toy. So you know when Daphne see they took her to a vampire brothel she does not want to go in one bit.

When Conner meets Daphne he learns she wants no part of this. He also knows he has to seduce her just like all the rest of the women to win his freedom. As he sets out to do just that things start to change for them both.

I really liked connection between the hero and heroine that the author gives you and then she topped it with sizzling hot vampire sex. I cant wait for more of these erotic short stories to come