Runes - Em Petrova Reviewed by kathleen for bittenbyparanormalromance

This book surprised me, usually erotic book's are mostly sex and no story. This one had a bit of a story and I liked it. Em also used a lot of emotions in writing this book. Rune had 2 hero's that the heroine was in love with and I felt the frustration for all the characters because of this. The love scenes were SCORCHING and there was a small M/M scene at the end that I found to be yummy, lol! The ending did have a HEA for the three of them. The one thing that made me keep this book a 3 star and not a 4 star was that one of the love scenes happened at a part of the story I felt it did not belong.
So if you like Scorching Hot Paranormal book's and don't mind a bit of M/M you might enjoy this book too.
BTW, if you go to Red Sage Publishing and look this book up, there is a little video about this book. I found both the hero's REALLY sexy in this video. It helped me to put vision to the story.