Changeling Dream

Changeling Dream - Dani Harper Changeling Dream was a good read. I did like the storyline and the way the hero and heroine meets. I just wished they would have worked tighter instead of apart for the biggest part of the book. I liked Jillian’s character and the way she loved animals. She does get very dramatic on James when he would try to help out. I felt the romance was not priority in the story, so this is why my rating is lower. You get the same as in the first book, good sexual tension and a couple of sex scenes.

Jillian had something bad happen to her earlier on in life, after that she found comfort in having visions of a white wolf. When she gets a phone call for her to come to work in Canada she never in her wildest dreams believe she would come face to face with that wolf.

James lost a wife and kid, now he just lives as a wolf and has for a very long time. When he come back into town he smells something interesting to his wolf side, he has to find out and in that he embarks on a journey where he just might find himself again. If you liked the first book in this series this one shouldn’t disappoint you.