Vampire Thirst

Vampire Thirst - Ella J. Phoenix I really enjoyed book one in this series Dragon Heat, but book two Vampire Thirst, was a different story. The author entwined several stories in this book and I found this too confusing for me to handle. The book started out just like a regular romance between a couple, Hikuro and Sam. Their story and romance was really taking off when all of a sudden the chapters changed to chapter one of another couple in the series and you start reading their story and their romance takes over at this point. This goes on for 79 percent of the book, then all of a sudden the chapters change back again and takes you back to chapter one to Hikuro and Sam. I felt like I was missing way too much info by the author by splitting them up in such a way. As a romance reader I have never encountered a romance book written this way and to tell you the truth I hope never will again. It’s just way too confusing to some readers. The sad part was I really liked Sam and I really wanted to know what happened to her in the past, but with the confusion I just couldn’t enjoy the mystery that surrounded her and her dreams.
Copy was provided by author for an honest review.